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Jennifer T. 8/18/2016


This was my first time at San Francisco Dental Artistry since moving to the city and it was such a great experience! The staff here are super genuine, and Dr. Shah was very delightful. She actually gave me a mirror and pointed everything out to me and made everything very clear. My past dentists have never really done that. They also let you choose a movie to watch during your cleanings. I'll definitely be coming back! Great vibes overall .

Arika V.8/25/2016


Great experience! Friendly people and convenient location. Was able to get in for a cleaning at the last minute. 10/10!

Liberty K.8/10/2016


I am a huge fan of San Francisco Dental Artistry. It's my favorite dentist to date. Not only does everyone in the office remember me when I come in, they are incredibly friendly and genuine. Plus I always get to watch a movie during cleanings and when I'm getting work done - huge plus. Highly recommend!

Henry B.8/1/2016


I have been a patient at this practice for several years, and have consistently received exceedingly professional and effective care. The staff are warm, offer very helpful advice, and have always ensured my utmost comfort at all times. On two occasions I have asked for one-off appointments to seek dental advice, and was accommodated on short notice both times. Through this practice I was also referred to an absolutely phenomenal gum specialist. Bottom line: SF Dental Artistry provides excellent, efficient treatment. I would recommend this practice to anyone.

Lily C.6/24/2016


Nice assistants and nice doctors and nice job! After an examination, the doctor recommended me a deep cleaning, and they offered me a reasonable price for it! :)

Jasmine G.6/15/2016


This was my first time going to this place and wow what a great experience! The front desk was super welcoming and nice. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease when I got there, which is so not common for me going to the dentist! Anyway, Mina cleaned my teeth and she was super amazing! She was personable and friendly and gave me a lot of information about my teeth. She was also really gentle and easy to talk to. I actually had a good time being in the chair with her. It was like getting my teeth cleaned by a friend! Literally! I highly recommend this place and Mina as a hygienist. She made the experience for me awesome! I will be coming back!

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